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A Comprehensive Guide to the 2/1 Buydown Mortgage

Thinking of owning a home and craving a lower interest rate? Need to make those monthly payments a bit more budget-friendly? The 2/1 buydown mortgage might be for you!

The Spookiest Places in Vancouver to Get Your Halloween Fix

It’s almost Halloween, and Vancouver has plenty of spooky activities for you to explore. Check out some of the spookiest places in Vancouver this Halloween season.

Top 10 Hottest Zip Codes in Vancouver

Are you wondering where everyone is moving to in Clark County? Here are 10 of the hottest zip codes right now that you should check out!

[Updated for 2022] Your Vancouver Fall Bucket List

The Fall in Vancouver can be an elevating experience for many good reasons. Besides watching the landscape bathed in an incredible display of vibrant colors, there are many fun-filled activities for you to enjoy with your friends and family. Be it hiking along beautiful trails, picking a pumpkin, enjoying your favorite fall delicacies, or hanging out in haunted houses to drive excitement into your daily lives, Vancouver never ceases to surprise you with enjoyable activities.

These Vancouver Neighborhoods Have the Best-Rated Schools

Finding the best neighborhood to raise a family in Vancouver does not have to be daunting! To help you narrow down your choices, here are some neighborhoods with the best schools that also provide easy access to outdoor activities and basic amenities in Vancouver.

The Best Vancouver Antique/Thrift Stores

Love hunting for antique treasure and thrift shopping? Check out the best antique/thrift stores in Vancouver to find your next best deal!

Vancouver Q2 2022 Housing Market Update

Vancouver’s housing market saw significant growth in the second quarter of 2022 but will it sustain over the year? An onset of new market trends, rising home prices, and mortgage rates have led many people to ask that question. The housing market in Vancouver, Washington is slowly inching towards stability which was recently shaken by the Covid pandemic. To understand what this means for sellers and buyers, let’s take a deeper dive into Vancouver’s housing market.

The Ultimate Guide To Recycling in Vancouver

Recycling is a great way to curb depletion of essential natural resources, support the environment, and keep your house free of unwanted items. While it’s technically possible to recycle nearly every type of plastic or metal, curbside recycling programs accept only the most common recyclable materials. So if you are struggling to differentiate between different types of recyclables and which color bins they should go into, you are not alone. Are you eager to step up and do your part in keeping Vancouver clean? If so, then my guide should help you get a better grasp over how recycling in the city works.

Try Not to Miss These Seven 4th of July Activities in Vancouver

Are you looking to diversify your 4th of July celebration plans and don’t know what’s happening around you? Well, this list should help you get started as we have collated some of the most lucrative Independence day events that will be taking place in Vancouver this year. From fun-filled family-oriented activities to outdoor events with live music, dancing, and parades, there is a lot to uncover this 4th of July – right here in Vancouver!

7 Minority-Owned Businesses in Vancouver You Can Support

Minority-owned businesses have as much value to add to our communities as any other service provider. They help bring in a breath of fresh air by sharing their knowledge and expertise with us that pertain to their cultures. While this helps in diversifying our marketplaces it also accentuates local culture. Take a look at this list of minority-owned businesses in Vancouver to take your shopping experience to a new level.

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