These Vancouver Neighborhoods Have the Best-Rated Schools

Families who are looking to buy or rent a home in Vancouver often get overwhelmed by all the options the city has to offer. It’s one thing to worry about the finances and the interior and exterior design of your home, but you also have to think about if the neighborhood you are moving into is safe, provides easy access to basic amenities, and has quality schools nearby for you children.

So if you are finally ready to find a home in this beautiful city, you’ve made the right choice as Vancouver has many benefits to offer – both in the long and short term. However, given how big the Vancouver area is, employing a little outside help to figure out which neighborhood is best for you and your family is a great idea.

With the help of data from, we put together this list of neighborhoods with access to the best schools around. Not every school is located in the neighborhood, but the culmination of schools that serve each neighborhood creates its overall score. Let’s dive right in!

Fisher’s Landing East

A suburban family-friendly community, Fisher’s Landing East is one of the best places to raise a family in Vancouver. With several community parks, access to best-rated schools, and a cohesive community, this neighborhood is often the first choice for many families with children who are looking to buy a home in Vancouver. 

The neighborhood is mainly served by three schools: Fishers Landing Elementary School, Skyridge Middle School, and Camas High School. For younger children, there are more options like Grass Valley Elementary, Illahee Elementary, and Columbia Valley Elementary School, which offer very good learning programs for children through grades K-5. 

Shahala Middle School is another great prospect for kids that falls under the Evergreen School District. As far as high school goes, Mountain View High School is another great option to consider given it is only a 7-minute drive from Fisher’s Landing. 


With a population of 4,693, Bennington ranks at #3 when it comes to the best neighborhoods to live in in Vancouver. Besides easy access to public schools, many families are attracted to Bennington’s gorgeous homes, group townhouses, and a strong sense of community. The public high schools in Bennington are also amongst the most highly rated schools in Vancouver. 

The neighborhood is primarily served by three schools: Columbia Valley Elementary School, Shahala Middle School, and Union High School – all of which are rated highly by both parents and students. Located in the Camas School district – about 12 minutes away from Bennington – Camas High school is a great fit for students with a strong focus on sports. The same district is also home to Grass Valley Elementary School which is another best-rated school in the state of Washington. Located in the bay area, Odyssey Middle School is a very good choice for middle schoolers with a student-teacher ratio of 26:1. 

Ellsworth Springs

Snuggled down in a wooded and serene corner in southeast Vancouver, Ellsworth Springs is a dense suburban residential community that attracts families with children who are looking to buy a new home. Consisting mainly of single-family homes and apartment buildings, this neighborhood is both pedestrian and bicycle friendly. This means, your children can walk or ride their bikes to school without you having to worry about their safety. 

Nearby, you have Ellsworth Elementary School which also serves as a hub for recreational activities for the local community. If you are looking for a school that provides educational programs for children through grades K-8, consider enrolling your kids in The Ivy School. 

For a more dedicated program, consider checking out Wyeast Middle School which caters to kids through grades 6-8. Last but not the least, we have Mountain View High School located in the Evergreen School District – one of the most highly rated by parents – when you want to meet your children’s educational needs through grades 9-12. 

Mountain View 

With a population of 7,764, Mountain View offers residents an urban-suburban feel, however, you might want to bring your raincoats as heavy rainfall is quite common in the area. Besides easy access to downtown events and daily amenities, this neighborhood is also home to some of the best-rated public schools in Vancouver. 

Primarily served by three schools – Crestline Elementary School, Wyeast Middle School, and Mountain View High School – this is one of the safest and most economical neighborhoods to raise a family. For children who are interested in pursuing life science and other biological fields in the future, Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School is a very good choice. 

Nearby, you also have Shahala Middle School for middle schoolers who prefer to attend a nearby school. Besides Crestline, there are other elementary schools for young children to attend, like The Mill Plain Elementary School which offers a healthy student-teacher ratio of 17:1. 

Bella Vista

If you are looking for a quiet neighborhood that exudes a strong sense of community where you can enjoy a lot of family-friendly activities with your children, then look no further than Bella Vista. It offers residents a mix of urban suburban and rural settings with many parks and green spaces in between. Rated highly by parents and students, Riverview Elementary is the closest school that offers programs for kids through grades K-5. 

For older students, you have two schools nearby – Wyeast Middle School and Mountain High School – both of which offer quality education and teachers that will ensure your children are ready to take the next steps in their academic journey. 

Overall, Bella Vista is a great place to raise a family in Vancouver. From the wildlife and birds to the oversized plots that offer residents the ability to build their dream homes in of the best cities in Clark County, buying a home in Bella Vista will go a long way to serve you and your children’s future.

Cascade Southeast

With 70 percent owner-occupied homes and a population of 852 residents, Cascade Southeast is one of the most lucrative neighborhoods to find a home in Vancouver. Besides easy access to good public schools, families have much to cherish about this suburb. 

For instance, many families are attracted to its tranquil streets and proximity to recreational areas and nature. Whether it is biking, going on long walks along the well-lit tree-lined paths, or camping in nature – parents have a lot of activities to engage their kids in. Living in this neighborhood will place you very close to Mill Plain Elementary and Crestline Elementary School – both of which are optimal choices for kids in grades K-5. 

For middle schoolers, you again have the option of Wyeast Middle School (in Evergreen School District) and Shahala Middle School. Finally, we have Mountain View High School for children through grades 9-12 which has paved a path to college for many young students. 

Consider These Neighborhoods With The Best Rated Schools

When looking for a place to settle down, finding a neighborhood with great schools nearby is just as important as the house itself when raising a family. Not only do you want to make sure your kids can get to school without too much hassle, but you also want to make sure they are highly rated by the families who attend. While it might seem like a daunting task to find the perfect location, this list can help you narrow your list of potential neighborhoods to just a handful of the best.

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