The Five Best Dog Parks in Vancouver

Spending time with your little, four-legged buddy can arguably be the highlight of your entire day. While it’s always fun to toss a ball in your backyard, taking your canine companion to one of our local dog parks can really escalate the experience. Not only is it a break away from the mundane, but it can also be an all-day adventure for yourself and your buddy.

Of course, trying to find a new park to play at can be tricky, especially if you’re not sure where to look. That said, if you’re looking for the best dog parks right here in Vancouver to take your pooch, why not check out one of these fantastic locations? With a wide variety of amenities and plenty of space to run around, there’s no shortage of awesome dog parks in our friendly city. And who knows – you just might find a new favorite one in the process!

Lucky Memorial Off-Leash Park

If you and Fido are looking for a place to stretch out your legs and really enjoy yourselves, why not spend an afternoon at Lucky Memorial Off-Leash Park? Named after a heroic service dog who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, this park is both an incredible tribute to a selfless K9 and a wonderful way to spend your day. Not only is it a gorgeous stretch of land, it’s also a fantastic park for you and your little friend.

Boasting an impressive total of 7.5 acres to frolic and play, it’s a flat and inviting stretch of land to sniff and play on. For those of you who have smaller puppers in tow, this off-leash park does offer a small dog area (complete with its own separate entrance) and benches to rest on when you need to catch your breath. If you decide you want more land to explore, this park found at 10100 NE 149th St. also has access to the Lauretta Noreen Forest Preserve.

Dakota Memorial Dog Park

As another dog park named after a heroic K9, it’s safe to say that Vancouver’s parks know how to pay respects to our fallen four-legged forces. With double-gated entries at each side of the property, Dakota Memorial Dog Park (found inside Pacific Community Park) is the perfect place to burn a bit of energy for both yourself and your canine buddy. With nearly eight acres of wide-open fields and gravel trails for your dog, you definitely won’t run out of land to explore. 

This park features a small dog area, water fountains for both you and your pup (seasonal), and on-site restrooms. Once you’re done having fun, feel free to rinse your doggo off in the designated area, then tuck yourself beneath a shaded spot to dry off before you head home. However, we promise you’ll definitely be back again and again to this park found at 1515 NE 164th Ave.!

Kane Memorial Dog Park

While Kane Memorial Dog Park is a bit smaller than other parks here in Vancouver, that doesn’t make it any less fun for you or your buddy. Featuring a wide-open, somewhat rustic space to play on, you’ll find plenty of foliage in the forested portions of this dog park. It’s also somewhat off the beaten path, since you’ll have to slip in through the children’s playground at Hockinson Meadows Community Park to find it. 

Don’t let its smaller size scare you off, though. Its ⅕ mile dirt trail and ample shaded areas are amazing for our warmer summer days, and your doggo will love sniffing every leaf and branch it finds while on the property. Be sure to bring plenty of treats (and maybe even a picnic for yourself), but if you get thirsty, you’ll be able to refresh yourself with the water fountains near the children’s playground at this park found at 10910 NE 172nd Ave.

Ike Memorial Dog Park

Following the theme of being named after a K9 hero, you’ll love the ample land to explore at Ike Memorial Dog Park. As one of the largest dog parks in Vancouver, it’s pleased to offer a staggering ten ages of flat, open space to play on, as well as ample rolling hills that are dotted with shade-offering trees. While there’s definitely a time and place for flatter terrain, you and your buddy are going to love the exercise that comes from trekking up these hills.

You’ll find a nearly ¾ mile-long dirt and gravel trail here, which takes you right up a steep incline. If you get tired while going up and down these hills, feel free to rest your feet (and your paws) on any of the included benches. Don’t worry about having to bring your own water, either, since there’s a seasonal drinking fountain (for doggos only, though!) available. This park found at 5167 NE 15th Ave. is a must-visit for everyone!

Clark County Dog Park

Unlike the other parks on this list, Clark County Dog Park isn’t named after any K9 heroes. However, that doesn’t make it any less wonderful of a park for you and your pupper to explore. In fact, we almost don’t want to tell you about it, as this hidden gem is going to quickly become your new favorite spot to bring Spot. Found a mere couple of minutes off the highway, it’s a somewhat tucked away place to have plenty of fun with your pup in tow.

Because the park is actually built into a hill, spending your day here also offers a fantastic workout for both yourself and your dog. There’s more than enough flat space to explore, though, which means that you can feel free to bring your senior canine here and not have to worry about them getting too tired. You’ll find parking near the main entrance, but make sure to bring a few towels, as it can get somewhat muddy here at 4099 E 5th St.!

As you can see, our awesome city has more than enough dog parks for you and your favorite furry friend to enjoy. From the hidden gems to the sprawling retreats, you’ll be sure to find an incredible one to explore next time you’re out and about. The only thing left for you to do, then, is to grab your canine buddy and make the most of your day – right here in dog-friendly Vancouver, Washington!

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